Magician's Island

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Magician's Island (魔術師の島, Majutsushi no Shima) is an island which appears in both Suikoden and Suikoden II. It is the home of the Seer of the Scarlet Moon Empire and, later, the Toran Republic.


Magician's Island is an isolated island and the former home of the Scarlet Moon Empire's former seer, Leknaat. Leknaat's home, a large tower, is the only building on the island. The tower is protected by Leknaat's magic; Leknaat had isolated herself on the island, wary of her sister, Windy. The magical barrier around Magician's Island meant that no one could reach the island without Leknaat's permission, such as messengers coming for her astrological readings, the Astral Conclusions.

Following the Gate Rune War, Leknaat departed from the island along with her apprentice, Luc. However, the place did not stay vacant for long; Hellion, the newly appointed Seer, moved in soon after Leknaat's disappearance and Window was hired to work on the windows there.


Enemy Units
Name Lv HP Bits Drop
FurFur 4 18 50 Medicine 1.04%
Wooden Shoes 0.78%
Holly Boy.png
Holly Boy 3 10 10 Medicine 1.04%
Robe 0.78%
Golem 12 300 1500 Medicine 1.96%
Name Class Lv # Inventory


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