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Lunas (ルナス, Runasu) is a location seen in Suikoden V. It is the Falenan holy land, located in the country's north.


Located in the northern reaches of Falena, Lunas is said to be the land where the first Queen of Falena descended. Since that time, the area has become a holy land, served and maintained by its oracles and protected against those who would exploit its generous natural gold resources.

During the Sun Rune War, Haswar, cousin of Sialeeds and Arshtat Falenas served as Oracle of Lunas and sheltered her nephew, the Prince when he fled the Godwin Faction's clutches. Many of Haswar's priests had been supporters of Haswar's mother, Shahrewar's, claim to the throne and so some bore resentment, and even betrayed, the Prince's party to the Godwins.

Male clerics at Lunas traditionally shave their heads as proof of their devotion to their duty.


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