Luca Blight

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Luca Blight
Luca Blight (Suikoden II).png
Illustration Ishikawa Fumi
Gender Male
Race Human
Age 27 (Suikoden II)
Birth Year SY 434
From Highland Kingdom
Family Agares Blight (father)
Jillia Blight (half-sister)
Jowy Atreides (brother-in-law)
Sara Blight (mother)

Luca Blight (ルカ・ブライト, Ruka Buraito) is the major antagonist of Suikoden II who also appears in Gensosuikogaiden Volume 1. The Prince, and later King, of Highland, Luca Blight orchestrates the Dunan Unification War out of hatred for the world.


Luca Blight
“ I don't care about breeding. A sword doesn't need a fine lineage, it just needs to be sharp. ”

Due to his outrageous brutality and cunning, compared to that of a demon, both his enemies and his own soldiers feared and respected him, calling him the "Mad Prince". His strength as a leader and a warrior made him overwhelmingly popular amongst the men of the Highland Army.

He harboured a hatred not just for the City-State of Jowston but for the entire world. This hatred stems from his childhood. In 443, at the age of nine, the Blight royal caravan was attacked by what was ostensibly a group of bandits, although the equipment and training of the brigands indicated they were trained by Muse. His father would flee the scene and Luca and his mother would be kidnapped. Sara would be violated by the mob in front of his eyes. Eventually rescued, it was this incident above all others that sparked his hatred of his father, of the City-State and of the world.

In the year 460, Luca Bright would orchestrate the slaughter of the Unicorn Brigade and pinned the blame on the City-State in order to justify the invasion of Jowston and the start of the Dunan Unification War.

As commander-in-chief of the Highland Army, Luca actively led the Highland forces since the beginning of the war. He fought on the front lines himself at the head of his veteran White Wolf Army, delighting in the slaughter of his enemies. However, Luca was not satisfied merely with sacking villages and town throughout the country. After capturing Jowy Atreides, who had infiltrated the camp to ascertain Highland supplies on behalf on Muse City, Luca convinced Jowy to assassinate Mayor Anabelle and throw open the gates of the town, leading to its quick annexation. After the capture of Muse City, Luca would begin a series of sacrifices to the Beast Rune, hoping to unseal its power and unleash untold death and destruction on the land.

As the war continue to rage and the Highland forces began to meet greater resistance against the New State Army, Luca would conspire with Jowy Atreides to poison King Agares. Ingesting Jowy's poisoned blood through a tradition Knight's Oath ceremony, Agares would quickly pass away on the floor of L'Renouille Palace. Finally, Luca Blight would be King of Highland.

However, aware of his escalating madness, Jowy Atreides, through his strategist Leon Silverberg, would conspire with the New State Army to have him ambushed during a night raid on the New State Army Headquarters. Surviving the ambush and fighting off waves of New State Army officers, Luca would finally be cornered by its leader in a vicious, final duel. Even in death, Luca Blight would celebrate his own evilness, unable to show remorse and laughing as he was consumed by death. Finally defeated, Luca Blight's death closed the curtain on a life fraught with evil.


  • Luca Blight's sword is coated with some sort of flammable material. This material is what allows his sword to ignite in flames when using special attacks on your party.
  • Luca Blight's strength and prowess was modelled after Xiang Yu, who is considered by many to be the strongest general in Chinese history.



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