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Unknown Male.png
Gender Male
Race Human
Family Thomas (son)

Lowma (ロウマ, Rouma) is a minor character from Suikoden III. He is a member of the Zexen Council and the father of Thomas.


A member of the Zexen Council, Lowma had fathered a love child with a woman from the Nameless Lands. To protect his political integrity, he never acknowledged or even saw his son, Thomas. The two had never met or communicated before the death of Thomas' mother.

When Thomas travelled to see Lowma after his mother was killed, Lowma attempted to push him out of the public sphere by sending him to Budehuc Castle. This move was out of self-preservation on Lowma's part, he has no parental feelings towards Thomas. Once Thomas' free trade plans began to draw attention from the Zexen Council, Lowma quickly moved to have his son disinherited in order to protect his position. He has a strong desire to succeed and lusts for power.


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