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Star of Destiny Chiin Star
Illustration Kawano Junko
Gender Female
Race Human
Height 160cm (5'3") (Suikoden IV)
Family Nalleo (son)
Voice Ōgaki Rika (Suikoden IV)

Louise (ルイーズ, Ruīzu) is a supporting character in Suikoden IV. Louise is a bartender and innkeeper with a certain air of mystery surrounding her.


“ From where I stand, that applies to everyone. They all have problems. But... That's exactly what's endearing about them. ”
Louise is introduced to the party.
Louise was the person who ran the saloon on the Headquarters Ship before it was even revealed as a vessel, making her one of its earliest crew members. She was a caring person of good character who would warmly welcome people to her inn but she also had something of a mysterious background. She could see the strength that laid in the eyes of the ship's leader.

She was an old acquaintance of Dario and had apparently entrusted him with the care of her son, Nalleo, soon after his birth. She also said that her husband, Nalleo's birth father, had already died. She would be reunited with Nalleo during the Island Liberation War and, while glad to see her son growing into a fine man, chose not to reveal the truth of their relation. She would describe herself as a failure of a mother and ask for Nalleo to be told that his mother had died.

During the war, she would attract attention from both Ornan and Desmond. Desmond would develop a crush on her but Ornan seemed to find a similarity between Louise and the woman he was searching for, although nothing ever came of it.

Once the war ended, Louise remained in the Kingdom of Obel for a short time but vanished unnoticed once Obel began to regain its old vigour.


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