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"I'd like you to show me the freedom that you see."
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Lorimar (ロリマー Rorima) is a region within the Toran Republic and a sub-region of Toran as a whole. The region has historically enjoyed a large degree of autonomy throughout history.


The Warriors' Village dominates the Lorimar region, which ensured the region's autonomy following the Final Battle against the Holy Kingdom of Harmonia. The Qlon Temple lies on the western frontier of the region and the castle of Neclord, one-time Imperial governor of Lorimar exists to the south.

The eastern frontier of the region is bordered by the Dunan River and Liukan's Hermitage, which is cut off from the rest of the region by mountains.

The region has a lot of grassland and open plains and tends to have a mild, temperate climate. As an autonomous and mostly self-sufficient region, Lorimar does not have strong trading ties or developed industry and so people from Lorimar rarely travel to other areas.

Locations in Lorimar


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