Lordlake Uprising

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The Lordlake Uprising (ロードレイクの暴動, Rōdoreiku no Bōdō) was a series of riots in Queendom of Falena. The Lordlake Uprising led to the razing of the town and surrounding areas by the Sun Rune.


SY 447 saw an attempt by the Barows Faction to construct a dam on the branch of the Feitas River that ran past Lordlake, gifting the town its water. This dam would have caused enviormental and social strife in the region, leading to a protest march taking place.

When the march reached the still-under construction dam, the garrison there, under the orders of a young Euram Barows, attempted to forcefully repel the agitated, if still peaceful, protesters. This turned the protest into a riot and the small garrison stationed at the dam were quickly overwhelmed and the dam destroyed.

In the immediate aftermath, it was decided by the protesters to take a petition to Queen Arshtat herself in order to seek redress for their woes. It was at this time that Salum Barows saw the opportunity to take advantage of the situation. He would insert his own agents into the protesters who would then instigate another riot in the East Palace, stealing the Dawn Rune and bringing it to Rainwall where it would be hidden by Salum.

At the same time, the Godwin Faction would plan to take advantage of the spiraling situation by seizing the Sun Rune itself. In order to prevent this, Godwin strategist Lucretia Merces would betray Marscal Godwin and advise Queen Arshtat to bear the Sun Rune herself to thwart their ambitions. However, this meant that when word reached the Sun Palace of the theft of the Dawn Rune, Arshtat, under the influence of the Sun Rune, would extract a terrible vengeance on the town. Using the rune's power, she would scorch the earth around the town, turning it into an arid wasteland.


Following the uprising, the Lord of Lordlake, Lord Rodney Rondot Rovere would be charged and found guilty of treason and leading the insurrection. He and his entire family would be executed. Meanwhile, both the Barows and Godwin Factions would rush to cover up their own activities during the uprising by further punishing Lordlake. Both factions would push for increasing sanctions against the town. The Godwins would construct Hatred Fortress where the original Barows dam stood, depriving Lordlake of fresh water. Doctors were also forbidden from practicing in the town, with those who did stripped of their medical license.

Due to the extreme pressure placed on Lordlake by both major factions in Falenan politics, the decimation of Lordlake was surprisingly tolerated and even supported by many people within Falena.


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