Long Chan-Chan

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Long Chan-Chan
Star of Destiny Chihi Star
Long Chan-Chan.png
Illustration Ishikawa Fumi
Gender Male
Race Human
Age 33 (Suikoden II)
Birth Year SY 428
From The Southlands

Long Chan-Chan (ロンチャンチャン, Ron Chan Chan), also known as L.C. Chan, is a character in Suikoden II. Long Chan-Chan is a martial artist as well as the master of Wakaba.


Long Chan-Chan
“ To live is to fight!!! ”

Long Chan-Chan was a martial artist who invented the Dragon-style form of martial arts. As this was his own unique style, it does not hold any traditions. That does not mean, however, that his fighting ability is not real and his eventual dream is to have a fighting dojo with over 1,000 students studying under him.

During the Dunan Unification War, he would join the New State Army after being reunited with his first, and only, student, Wakaba, in Crom Village. As a member of the army's infantry, he put his Dragon-style martial arts to good use, fighting alongside his student.

After the war, Long Chan-Chan continued on his demanding regimen and continued to tutor Wakaba.


  • Long Chan-Chan is called L.C. Chan on his portrait, likely due to Suikoden II's character limit.


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