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Star of Destiny Chitan Star
Illustration Kizaki Sub-Zero
Gender Male
Race Human
Age 39 (Suikoden V)
Birth Year SY 410
From Raftfleet, Queendom of Falena
Family Kisara (wife)
Lun (daughter)
Voice Ikeda Masaru (Suikoden V)

Logg (ログ, Rogu) is a supporting character in Suikoden V. He is a cheerful native of Raftfleet, the father of Lun and the husband of Kisara.


Logg is a neer-do-well from the floating town of Raftfleet. In his youth, he was involved in various schemes. Years ago, Logg helped Gunde's father escape from prison after he was arrested by Godwin soldiers on trumped-up charges. Following this, a grateful Gunde started helping Logg with his fugitive-smuggling work, the two becoming good friends. He also forged a relationship with Haleth, who used to help with the operations by forging passports and IDs for those smuggled out. He also helped smuggle gladiators out of Stormfist, although Belcoot was not one of them.

He was also one of many men, from Raftfleet and otherwise, who attempted to pursue Kisara romantically. It seems that there was no sign that she was ever interested in Logg until the day they announced their engagement, a move that almost brought many Raftfleet men to violence against Logg. How he won her heart remains a close-guarded mystery. The two would eventually have a daughter, Lun.

In SY 449, he attempted to take gold dust from the rivers in Lunas, with Lun's help, as Raja had ordered Raftfleet to hoard as much gold as possible. Eventually captured by the Prince and Isato, Lun and Logg were brought back to Raftfleet in secret in order to avoid an incident between the town and the government. Although punished harshly upon his return, being forced to gut a thousand barrelfish, Logg felt he owed a debt to the Prince and so later during the year, following the Queen's Assassination, assisted the Prince several times, transporting him by boat and helping him with the rescue of Lucretia Merces from Agate Prison, for instance.

The two also proved vital in destroying Hatred Fortress and restoring water to Lordlake, the two controlling the ship loaded with oil which they crashed into the fortress setting it ablaze. Following the formation of the Imperial City Recapture Army by the Prince and the establishment of a base at Ceras Lake, Logg also moved, continuing to provide his services of ferrying the Prince via his boat. This boat was, in fact, equipped with the Flow Rune, a rune that allowed the ship to travel and considerable speeds, making even pan-Falenan journeys quick and easy.

Logg, along with Lun, fought along side the Prince in order to fend off the Nether Gate attack on the cave dwarves, staying to help the dwarves while the Prince headed to Sauronix Castle to complete his mission. As the war progressed, Lun began taking an interest in dragon horses, much to Logg's concern as he worried that she was up to something more unsavoury with the young men of the Feitas Dragon Cavalry. The interfering Logg often annoyed both Lun and Kisara, especially when he started confronting individual members of the group such as Roog, who, naturally, had no idea what was going on. Kisara tried to keep Logg in check, however.

He also helped the Recapture Army in other ways, obtaining supplies from Hershville Naval Base with the help of Haleth. Zelant armour, Nagarea medicine, and Kanakan wine were some examples of the rare imports that began making their way to the Ceras Lake castle, much to Kisara's annoyance. When Haleth was forced to flee Hershville, it was Logg who invited him to stay at Ceras Lake.

After the Sun Rune War, he assisted his wife, who was now extremely busy as Raftfleet's leader and representative to the New Parliament. He sometimes visited Lun at Sauronix Castle as well, but the meetings never seem to go well, probably due to his overprotective nature.


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