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The stained glass depiction of Loa as seen in Vinay del Zexay.
Loa (ロア, Roa) is a prominent figure in Zexen culture and faith. She is depicted as something of a cross between a saint and a goddess, although she is usually referred to as the latter. She is stated to be a war goddess and appears to be the centre of the Zexen faith, insomuch as it exists.


Loa is a Zexen war goddess. While at least one other goddess is acknowledged in Zexen (the goddess Sadie, in Iksay Village), Loa appears to have a prominent role. She is mentioned in Zexen's flags and crests and the traditional Zexen thanks seems to be given in her name. The chapel inside the Guild Hall in Vinay del Zexay appears to have a large glass window depicting Loa, who is styled "the Horned Goddess" on the Zexen crest and flag.

In this depiction, Loa holds a glowing orb and staff and is being prayed to by two Zexen knights. She appears to be surrounded by foliage. The horns Loa is depicted with appear to be deer antlers, the trade good which led to the establishment of Vinay del Zexay and, later, the Zexen Federation.


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