Lizard Clan

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The Lizard Clan (リザードクラン, Rizādo Kuran) are one of the Six Clans of the Grassland.


The Lizard Clan is a group of lizards who live in the Great Hollow in the Grassland. They are one of the region's Six Clans. They are a very powerful clan and by using the tunnels of the Great Hollow to traverse the Grassland stealthily, they are also known as elusive and able to strike quickly and without warning.

Members of the Lizard Clan traditionally fight with grides, spear-like weapons with a long three-pronged blade at the tip. Zepon was Chief of the Lizard Clan just prior to the War of the Champions. His assassination by the Destroyers would be the catalyst for the war and he would be succeeded by Dupa.


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