Liukan's Hermitage

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Liukan's Hermitage リュウカンの庵
Ryuukan no Iori
Liukan's Hermitage.png
Map description
Liukan's Hermitage location.png
Location of Liukan's Hermitage in Toran.
Liukan's Hermitage (リュウカンの庵, Ryuukan no Iori) is a location which appears in Suikoden. Located in the region of Lorimar, the hermitage is simply a single hut sheltering the great doctor Liukan.


Liukan's Hermitage is located down river from the village of Rikon where Liukan was set to live in the past[1]. It lays beyond the Rapids of Dunan, increasing its secluded nature. The area also appears to be frequently shrouded in fog.

During the Gate Rune War, Hero (Suikoden) and his party managed to navigate the rapids using Kamandol's Prodigy reaching the hermitage and contacting Liukan[2]. Liukan was abducted from his home soon after by Milich Oppenheimer and then joined the Toran Liberation Army. As Liukan has continued his medical practice it is possible the hermitage has been abandoned since that point[3].


  • Despite apparently fleeing to the area to escape his own fame and retire from his duties, Liukan's home has the sign of a medicine/item shop outside it.


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