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Star of Destiny Chisu Star
Illustration Fujita Kaori
Gender Female
Race Human
Age 22 (Suikoden V)
Birth Year SY 427

Linfa (リンファ, Rinfa) is a minor character in Suikoden V. Linfa is a hot-tempered gambler who cheats in order to pay off her many debts.


Linfa is a wandering gambler who roams the land making her way through games of chance. Unfortunately, she was not very good at hiding her emotions, making her a poor bluffer and so she is usually in near-constant debt. Because of this, she wandered Falena trying to trick people into playing cards, with money often involved, and cheats, thereby getting herself some money to pay off her debt. However, despite her outward nature where she appears to be a crude cheater, she often became guilty over her misdeeds, as necessary as they may have been at the time.

She encountered the Prince of Falena at an inn in Estrise, and using her skill, successfully managed to cheat the Prince for 2,000 potch. Paying her debt in Estrise, she then left the town. Later, she was encountered by the Prince again in Yashuna Village, where, apologizing, she paid off the 2,000 potch she cheated from the Prince previously before running away. Finally, they met one last time at the Raftfleet inn, only to discover that Linfa was once again in debt. She challenged the Prince to an honest game this time around, and afterwards she joined the Imperial City Recapture Army.

At the castle, Linfa formed a secret society with Nifsara, called the Secret Alliance for the Protection of Pretty Hunks In Real Endangerment (SAPPHIRE), even inviting Norma to their club to talk about Ernst. She also dislikes Haleth, having lost to him at cards.

Following the Sun Rune War, she continues to gamble and flee from her debts, seemingly unable to change her life-long habits, however, she is trying not to cheat as she does so.


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