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Star of Destiny Tenpei Star
Illustration Fujita Kaori
Gender Male
Race Dragon horse
From Dragon Horse Lair

Lance (ランス, Ransu) is a minor character in Suikoden V. He is a powerful dragon horse and the mount of Roog.


Lance is a male dragon horse who serves as Roog's steed. When he was younger, he had such a violent temper that the Feitas Dragon Cavalry were worried that he would never be able to take a rider. However, Roog eventually earned Lance's respect by wrestling him for a full day. Even now, if someone tries to ride him when Roog's not around, he flips out and goes completely wild.

The two were always side-by-side, save for a brief period during the Sun Rune War, when Roog, alongside Rahal, joined the Imperial City Recapture Army without Craig Laden's authorisation, requiring him to leave his mount behind at Sauronix Castle. Following the Dragon Cavalry's entry into the war, however, the pair was reunited, proving invaluable in battle along with the rest of the organization. Together, Roog and Lance were said to be unstoppable in battle.

Lance's temper was shown when Mohsen attempted to measure Lance in order to begin work on light armour for the Dragon Cavalry. Lance reacted angrily and Mohsen ended up a very wet gentleman. Lance is also known to be a big eater, but a picky one, too. He's said to only eat fresh, fat fish.

Following the war, Lance fathered an egg with Flail before being stationed at the Sun Palace with Roog, the new commander of the Sun Palace Dragon Brigade, where he became quite popular among the people of Falena.


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