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The Kulsasper (クルサスパ, Kurusasupa) is a ship in Suikoden V.


The Kulsasper served as the flagship of the Queendom of Falena's navy under the admiralty of Bahram Luger. It was named after a past leader of the Falenan navy who had become legendary in Falena.

During the Sun Rune War, the Kulsasper was lost when it rammed the Imperial City Recapture Army's Dahak in an attempt to break a Raftfleet blockade on the city of Doraat.


  • The name is likely a reference to Garshasp (Middle Persian: Kirsāsp), a hero of Iranian Mythology. He is a slayer of many monsters, and in later Zoroastrian texts, he is revived at the end of the world to slay the end of the world to slay the monster Dahag. This is referenced in Suikoden V as the Kulsasper is used to fight the Dahak.


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