Kraze Miles

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Kraze Miles
Kraze Miles.png
Illustration Kawano Junko
Gender Male
Race Human
Age 36 (Suikoden)
Birth Year SY 422

Kraze Miles (クレイズ・マイルス, Kureizu Mairusu) is a minor antagonist in Suikoden. Cruel and disdainful, Kraze Miles was the Commander of the Imperial Guard during the Gate Rune War.


Kraze Miles
“ I guess you've done your job. You're apparently not totally useless. ”

Snide and scornful, Kraze Miles was the Commander of the Imperial Guard during the Gate Rune War and a symbol of the corrupt spirit of the Scarlet Moon Empire. Though considered a coward, Kraze had advanced his career through his connections and subsequently became very unpopular to his disdainful attitude towards his subordinates.

The son of Teo McDohl was once his subordinate and he frequently belittled him with sarcastic remarks. Once the hero managed to escape Gregminster with the Soul Eater, he was held responsible for losing the rune, fell out of favour with Windy and was demoted. Kraze was reassigned to the town of Kouan, where he frequently butted heads with Lepant. During this time, Kraze abducted Eileen, Lepant's wife.

After her rescue by Lepant and the nascent Toran Liberation Army, Kraze's rule over Kouan was overthrown and his fate lay in the hands of the hero he had belittled in the past.


  • Kraze is the only character in Suikoden that can be executed without imposing any long-term penalties on game completion. If you do not execute him, he will run off, never to be seen again, and Gremio will chide you for it, although Cleo will praise you for having a big heart.
  • For some reason, Konami is quite unambiguous about Kraze's fate considering it's optional; practically all reference material and novelisations state that he was executed, although the Kiwami Encyclopedia reverts back to an ambiguous ending.


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