Kooluk Empire

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Kooluk Empire

Kooluk Empire flag.png

Capital Imperial City of Graska
Dissolution SY 309
Rulers Julius (? - 309)
Continent Northern continent
The Kooluk Empire (クールーク皇国, Kūrūku Kōkoku) is the antagonistic nation of Suikoden IV that also forms part of the setting of Suikoden Tactics. The nation collapsed at the end of the latter game.


The Kooluk Empire was a great power located to the north of the Island Nations, ruled in its final days by Emperor Julius. Possessing powerful military strength, it was often in conflict with the Dukedom of Gaien to the southwest and the Scarlet Moon Empire to its north. In the years prior to its collapse, it had entered into a cold war conflict with Scarlet Moon following a ceasefire agreement.

The nation's government had been traditionally divided between the Imperial Faction, made up of those related to the Emperor, and the Patriarchal Faction, which consisted of the ordinary officers of the Empire. Sandwiched between the northern Scarlet Moon Empire and southern pirates, internal tensions began to rise along with the number of citizens living in poverty. The Empire had many towns and territories under its control, large and small, with administrators appointed in each location.

In 306, with forces freed up from the ceasefire with Scarlet Moon, Kooluk attempted to expand its territory with an invasion of the Island Nations, under the guise of modernising the region with a Southern Expansion Policy, but was repelled in the Island Liberation War. Following the failure of the Southern Expansion Policy, pushed heavily by the Imperial Faction, internal pressures continue to build, resulting in an attempted coup d'etat by the Patriarchal Faction.

This coup would consist of Iskas, leader of the Patriarchal Faction, using the power of the Evil Eye to kill both Emperor Julius as well as Prince Martin, leading the path clear to complete control of the Empire. However, due to the efforts of Kyril as well as Corselia, who was next in line to the throne, Iskas' plans were thwarted. However, following this coup, Corselia would choose to dissolve the nation, closing the curtain on the history of this one great nation.


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