Knights of the Dragon's Den

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The Knights of the Dragon's Den (竜洞騎士団, Ryū Hora Kishidan), more simply referred to as Dragon Knights, are a military order that existed in the Toran region. They are an order of knights who are able to bond with dragons so as to fight on them in battle.


The Knights of the Dragon's Den had traditionally been granted autonomy by the Scarlet Moon Empire leading to a mutually beneficial relationship. On the one hand, the Empire was able the obtain the services of the Dragon Knights and in return, the Empire would protect the Dragon Knights during the dragon's spawning season where they would otherwise be completely vulnerable.

Dragon Knights had fought in the War of Succession on the side of Barbarosa Rugner. However, as the Empire began to corrupt, relations between the two cooled during the Gate Rune War, especially in light of the attempted poisoning of the dragons in the Dragon's Den. They would align themselves with the Toran Liberation Army for the remainder of the war.

The knights were led by Joshua Levenheit, bearer of the Dragon Rune but since the Gate Rune War, command of the knights and the Dragon Rune has fallen to the hands of Milia, Joshua's former second-in-command.


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