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Kirinji prior to its theft in Lepant's mansion. (PSX)
Kirinji (キリンジ, Kirinji) is a sword held by the Lepant family for many generations. It said to bring wealth and honour to the house of whoever wields it. As such, Kirinji is considered one of Lepant's treasures and is one of his most prized possessions. It said the only thing he values more is his wife, Eileen.

Lepant hired Juppo to create a security system to prevent the theft of Kirinji. When the sword was stolen by the Toran Liberation Army to force a meeting, Lepant immediately chased down the thieves to reclaim his lost heirloom. Following the meeting, the sword was immediately returned to its owner.

Kirinji is a well-made flamberge of obvious quality and was considered to be a superb sword. It was wielded by Lepant during the Gate Rune War and Sheena during the Dunan Unification War.


  • Kirinji is a flamberge, a type of sword characterized by its wavy blade. These waves were thought to enable the user to inflict greater injuries upon his opponent as well as aid in parrying by slowing an opponent's sword and creating unpleasant vibrations in the opponent's blade.


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