Kingdom of Zelant

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The Kingdom of Zelant (ゼアラント王国, Zearanto Ōkoku) is a nation mentioned in Suikoden V.


The Kingdom of Zelant is a nation located to the west of the Queendom of Falena, across the sea. Zelantian armour is well known and, in fact, (false) stereotypes would have us believe that all Zelantians wear armour in everyday life. Shields are also imported to Falena from Zelant, via the Hershville Naval Base on Falena's western coast.

The Lindwurm Mercenary Brigade is said to be stationed in Zelant. Norma and Ernst also both come from Zelant and following the Sun Rune War journeyed back to the country along with Levi in order to investigate the ruins where Ernst first came across his cursed Beast Rune.


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