Kingdom of Astrasia

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The Kingdom of Astrasia (アストラシア王国, Asutorashia Ōkoku) is a nation that appears in Suikoden Tierkreis. It is occupied by the Order of the One True Way for the majority of the game.


Astrasia is located in the western part of the continent. It is a small country centered around its capital at Pharamond, which values heroism and bravery as its key values. Both the Astrasian royal family and its nobility are required to hone their sword techniques from childhood in honour of these values. Due to this martial tradition, the Astrasia Royal Knights were renowned as the continent's strongest and Astrasia itself was known as the "Country of the Sword".

Despite this, the nation would fall swiftly to the Order of the One True Way, when sudden storms would cause a series of landslides. These landslides would wipe out the majority of the Astrasian forces before the fighting even began. With the Royal Knights cut off from Pharamond, the city was taken without a fight and the King and Queen executed. For the next two years, Astrasia would remain under Order occupation.

However, when Princess Chrodechild aligned herself with the hero, together their forces would march on Pharamond and liberate it successfully.

Once the war ended, Chrodechild would be crowned Queen of Astrasia. Under her reign, the nation was said to begin a remarkable recovery from the damage caused from occupation.


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