Kilauea Shulen

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The subject of this article has not yet been localised outside of Japan by Konami. Please remember that these romanisations are non-canon.
Kilauea Shulen
Kilauea Shulen.png
Illustration Kawano Junko
Gender Female
Race Human
Family Sonya Shulen (daughter)

Kilauea Shulen (キラウェア・シューレン, Kirauea Shūren) is a character who appears in supplemental materials concerning Suikoden. She was a Great General of the Scarlet Moon Empire who fought in the War of Succession.


Kilauea Shulen was the mother of Sonya Shulen. One of the Scarlet Moon Empire's original Five Great Generals, Kilauea fought in the War of Succession under the banner of Barbarosa Rugner. She was known as a brave and resolute naval commander and was said to be a master of the one-handed sword.

Kilauea was the only one of the generals to verbally object to Leon Silverberg's idea for the Kalekka Incident. She slapped the strategist before storming out of the meeting. Several years later, she would die in an unexpected accident and her daughter, Sonya, succeed her position. Kilauea and Sonya were said to similar in appearance.


  • More commonly translated as Kilawher. Kilauea (Kīlauea in Hawaiian) is both a volcano on the actual island of Hawaiʻi and a town on the Hawaiian island of Kauai.


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