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"I'd like you to show me the freedom that you see."
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Gender Male
Race Human

Kent (ケント, Kento) is a minor character in Suikoden II. He is a delivery boy living in the Highway Village and a friend of Futch.


Kent was a youth living in the Highway Village, who worked as a delivery boy. He became friends with Futch, becoming enthralled in his tales of his days as a Dragon Knight. Hearing rumours of dragons living on Mt. Rakutei, Kent ventured up the mountain in order to procure a dragon's egg for his friend. He was attacked by a Harpy but was rescued by Futch, Humphrey and Hero (Suikoden II).

He helped convince Futch to take the newborn Bright into his care. After returning to the village, Futch gave him Black's scale as a memento of their time together.