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Unknown Male.png
Gender Male
Race Human
Family Arshtat Falenas (daughter)
Falzrahm (wife)
Sialeeds (daughter)

Kauss (カウス, Kausu) is a background character in Suikoden V. He was the husband of Falzrahm and the father of Arshtat Falenas.


Kauss was the husband of Falzrahm, Princess of Falena and the father of Sialeeds and Arshtat Falenas. He was a member of the Barows Faction and was a relative of Salum Barows.

As Falzrahm's husband, he was supposed to become the leader of the Queen's Knights in the event that his wife became queen. However, as Kauss would be assassinated by Nether Gate during Falena's succession crisis, he would never ascend to this post despite Falzrahm eventually becoming Queen of Falena.


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