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Star of Destiny Chisoku Star
Kate (Suikoden IV).png
Illustration Kawano Junko
Gender Female
Race Human
Age 28 (Suikoden IV)
30 (Suikoden Tactics)
Birth Year SY 280
Height 165cm (5'5") (Suikoden IV)
Voice Kodaira Yūki (Suikoden IV)

Kate (ケイト, Keito) is a supporting character in Suikoden IV and Suikoden Tactics. Kate is a taciturn ninja, looking for revenge after her contract was betrayed by her employer.


“ I plan to stay out of your way. Later. ”

Kate was a ninja who had been hired by a leading figure in the Kooluk Empire. She was a native of the same village as Akaghi and Mizuki and the three of them form the last survivors of their homeland. Although usually cool, collected and very aloof, Kate could be slightly personable around her acquaintances. Otherwise, she could or would not engage in friendly conversation.

During the Island Liberation War, she was sent to Iluya Island just prior to its destruction by the giant Rune Cannon. Realising that her employer had meant to eliminate her, she terminated her contract and joined the Island Liberation Navy once she met Mizuki and the navy's leader on the island.

Eager to hunt down her former employer, Kate would head north to the Kooluk Empire following the war.

During her stay in Kooluk, she found out that her former employer already died a long time ago. Kyril met her during a visit in Haruna where she is persecuted by Kooluk soldiers. After Mizuki had explained that she was an old acquaintance of hers, he decided to help her. After the battle, Kate decides to join forces with Kyril as they have a common enemy.

She mostly socialized with Mizuki and Akaghi, saying that she was impressed how both of them are currently working as bodyguards for Lino En Kuldes. She constantly joked about their relationship (or lack thereof) and even proposed a marriage to make sure that the bloodline of their village would go on. Even though Mizuki invited her to join her and Akaghi at their job, Kate planned to start travelling on her own again after the battle against the Kooluk was over.


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