Kamaro Alliance of Free Knights

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The Kamaro Alliance of Free Knights (カマロ自由騎士連合, Kamaro Jiyū Kishi Rengō), rendered as the Free Knights of Camaro in Suikoden II, are an organisation first mentioned in Suikoden II that later appears in Suikoden III. They are a band of knights from the Grassland.


The Kamaro Knights are a knighty order who hold territories in the Grassland. Their green and gold garb distinguishes them, as does their philosophy which is that they should serve as a shield to protect those who cannot protect themselves. In the past, the Kamaro Alliance of Free Knights have allied with the Karaya Clan and the Chisha Clan, fighting together to repel invasions of the Grassland by Tinto City. The knight Mua led a contingent of knights on the side of the Fire Bringer during the War of the Champions.

In Kamaro, only eldest sons may rise to knighthood, leading some younger sons to leave and make their own path. Camus, member of the Matilda Knights was one such native of Kamaro who left to pursue a knightly career in Jowston. The Kamaro notions of chivalry may have influenced Camus' passion for justice.


  • In medieval times, free knights were knights who were free of legal obligations save for those of their order and were not subordinated to any other families or dynasties, apart from their king or emperor.


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