Kalekka Incident

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The Kalekka Incident (カレッカの虐殺事件, Karekka no Gyakusatsu Jiken, Massacre of Kalekka) was an event that happened several years before the events of the first Suikoden game.


As far as public perception is concerned, the Kalekka Incident was the massacre of Kalekka's civilians by the City-State of Jowston as part of their continued invasion, an attempt to take advantage of the internal turmoil caused by the recent War of Succession in the Scarlet Moon Empire. With Moravia having fallen to the City-State, the Jowston forces were able to advance to Kalekka, slaughtering the population before the Imperial Army could arrive.

However, the truth is that it was an ingenious strategy concocted by Leon Silverberg, then the strategist of the Empire. Although Leon Silverberg is often blamed for the incident by those who knew the truth, it must be remembered that it was Emperor Barbarosa who approved the strategy proposed to him. Although the Emperor signed off on the plan, the Great Generals all expressed deep reservations and Kilauea Shulen in particular continued to object strongly, going as far as slapping Leon.

The massacre at Kalekka was caused by the Imperial Army. They were also unaware of their true role, having been told they were to surprise the enemy troops that had supposedly already taken the town. When news of the massacre broke out, it enraged the people of the Empire and renewed their morale that had been drained by war with Jowston and the previous civil war.

Several future members of the Toran Liberation Army were involved in the Kalekka Incident, including Mathiu Silverberg, who served under Leon, and Humphrey Mintz who was one of the troops sent to Kalekka to attack the town.


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