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Kalekka (カレッカ Karekka) is a town which appears in Suikoden. It was destroyed long before the events of the Gate Rune War.


Kalekka lies north of Kirov, in the region of Dana. The town itself was razed during a war between the Scarlet Moon Empire and the City-State of Jowston in SY 448. The official story is that the armies of the City-State razed the town and massacred the population. However, the truth is that the Kalekka Incident was orchestrated by the Empire itself in order to bolster flagging support for its war with Jowston.

In the past, its speciality was the export of cotton. Since the massacre, the town has lain mostly abandoned and in ruins, although several people still lived there at the time of the Gate Rune War. Following the war, the Toran Republic began to encourage people to move to Kalekka in the hopes of rejuvenating the town but uptake has been slow due to the memories of the town's past being hard to shift.


Enemy Units
Name Lv HP Bits Drop
Demon Hound.png
Demon Hound 37 700 900 Silver Necklace 0.92%
Hawk Man.png
Hawk Man (Suikoden) 35 300 1300 Failure Urn 0.78%
Wide Urn 0.78%
Black Urn 0.26%
Shadow (Suikoden) 36 170 2000 Silverlet 1.31%
Rose Brooch1.31%
Name Class Lv # Inventory


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