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Unknown Male.png
Gender Male
Race Human
From Kooluk Empire
Family Corselia (granddaughter)

Julius (ユリウス, Yuriusu) is a minor character from Suikoden Tactics. He is the Emperor of the Kooluk Empire for much of the game's events and was the final sovereign of the nation.


Emperor of Kooluk, Julius was the grandfather of Corselia. The conservative nature of his reign had contributed to the political instability within the empire. As such, the strength of the nation, emanating from Graska, has been steadily decaying for quite some time.

By the time Kyril and his party had made their way to the Imperial City of Graska, Julius was already forcibly transformed into a fishman by Iskas and soon died due to exhaustion from the process. Following this, Yohn used her ability to communicate with his spirit. In death, Julius entrusted the country to Corselia but, saying that no country can last forever, absolved her of any blame if she chose not to rebuild the empire.


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