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Star of Destiny Tenman Star
Illustration Ishikawa Fumi
Gender Male
Race Human
Age 19 (Suikoden III)
Birth Year SY 457
Height 170cm (5'7") (Suikoden III)

Juan (ジョアン, Joan) is a supporting character in Suikoden III. Juan is the lackadaisical bujutsu instructor of Budehuc Castle.


Juan's profile
“ A young man teaching martial arts at Lake Castle. He easily falls asleep anywhere. ”

Juan is a bujutsu instructor who resides at Budehuc Castle. Although talented at martial arts, he can usually be found merely napping throughout the day. His drowsiness is apparently caused by the leaves he chews on that grow around the castle. Juan's motivation is the desire to defeat a traveling drifter who passed through his father's dojo, humiliating him in combat. That's the reason he opened his own dojo at Budehuc Castle, in the hopes that this wandering fighter would come and challenge him. Although, as Juan's dojo never had customers, he would spend most if not all of his spare time sleeping somewhere.

He did not place much faith in Thomas as Lord of Budehuc Castle at first, as the several previous attempted lords had bailed on the castle crew. Juan would, however, grow to admire Thomas' efforts and would support him over time. When the War of the Champions came to Budehuc, Juan would fight as a member of the Fire Bringer. As a bujutsu instructor, he helped to develop the talents of the many fighters who resided at the castle during the war. He personally tutored such high-profile Fire Bringer members such as the Castle Master Thomas, Lilly Pendragon and Fred Maximillian.

Following the conflict, Juan would wind up with a heavy increase in disciples as the population of the castle grew. Luckily for him, he delegates their training to Emily, who he hired on as his assistant instructor. Emily is always mad that Juan skips training to take naps.


  • Juan's weapon upgrades as Min, Shunmin, Choya.
  • Juan participates in unite attacks with Emily (Fighting), and with Joker and Kenji (Twister).
  • Juan can reach S level in his unique skills Heavy Damage and Continual Attack.
  • The sleep effect of Juan's Waking Rune can be mitigated with a Yellow Scarf or a Taikyoku Tunic, although this prevents the fury status from occurring as well.
  • Despite a weapon named Shun Min, he does not appear to have any affiliation with her.


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