Jidan Guisu

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Jidan Guisu
Jidan Guisu.png
Illustration Fujita Kaori
Gender Male
Race Human
Age 38 (Suikoden V)
Birth Year SY 411
From New Armes Kingdom
Voice Ikeda Masaru (Suikoden V)

Jidan Guisu (ジダン・ギュイス, Jidan Gyuisu) is an antagonist in Suikoden V. Jidan Guisu serves under Maha Sparna in the Armes Southern Mountain Corps.


Jidan Guisu was the adjuntant of the Armes Southern Mountain Corps, serving under Maha Sparna. Although he put on an air of being a loyal soldier and servant to Maha Sparna, this was only ever to aid his career advancement. He was a supremely greedy man, with no real loyalty to his superiors nor to his country. As an officer, he was also stubborn and wreckless, making him a liability on the battlefield at times.

He did fight alongside Maha Sparna in several battle during the Sun Rune War and shared in the spoils of their successes. However, when the Armes forces were pushed back by the Imperial City Recapture Army, he would abandoned in Sable when Maha Sparna locked the gates that divided Sable from New Armes behind her in order to secure her own retreat. Trapped, he would try to fight his way but would be killed in battle by the Prince and his allies.


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