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Unknown Male.png
Gender Male
Race Human

Jalat (ジャラト, Jarato), sometimes rendered King Jalat (ジャラト王, Jarat-Ō) is a background character in Suikoden V. He is the reigning ruler of the New Armes Kingdom during the game.


Following the failure of the Armes Invasion in SY 441, the then-king of the New Armes Kingdom would be overthrown and Jalat would rise to the throne in his place.

As a member of the Ishvaak Clan, Jalat was a political moderate, holding friendly relations with the Madra Clan, to whom the Valya family belong. He was unable to prevent New Armes' entry into the Sun Rune War on the side of the Godwin Faction but once their forces were repelled was able to take advantage of the situation to end the offensive and begin to foster relations with the Imperial City Recapture Army.


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