Island Nations Federation

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Island Nations Federation

Capital Kingdom of Obel
Established SY 307
Rulers Chairman
Lino En Kuldes (307 - ?)
Continent Island Nations
The Island Nations Federation (群島諸国連合, Guntō Shokoku Rengō, Archipelago Nation Alliance) is an archipelago nation located to the south of the Northern Continent, in the Island Nations region of the Kuknasi Sea. It was founded at the end of Suikoden IV and also appears in Suikoden Tactics.


The Island Nations Federation was established following the Island Liberation War, as a union of islands from the Island Nations region, centred around the Kingdom of Obel.

The nation was engaged in a positive trading relationship with the Queendom of Falena, using Nirva Island as a neutral port.


  • The Island Nations Federation was first mentioned in Suikoden II when Shu throws a coin from the Federation into a river. Amada, also from Suikoden II, is the first known character who originates from the Island Nations.
  • The flag of the Island Nations Federation closely resembles the flag of the real world United Nations or of the fictitious United Federation of Planets from Star Trek. A blue circle with 15 white dots near the edge is circled by a grey ring and inscribed in a wreath consisting of crossed conventionalized branches of the olive tree. The meaning of the 15 white dots is unclear, but might reference to all the islands (or island nations) that the Federation is composed of, similar to the stars in the flag of the European Union.


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