Island Nations

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The Island Nations (群島諸国, Guntou Shokoku) is a general term used for the countries located to the south of Kanakan, the Toran Republic and the Kooluk Empire. It is also the home of Amada.


The region, which lies on the Kuknasi Sea, is dotted with countless islands, both large and small. The Dukedom of Gaien is the largest of these island nations. In addition to Gaien, there is also the Kingdom of Obel and many other islands, with different races and cultures, giving the region a great deal of diversity.

The region thrives on trade and Shu was once a major trading partner there. Since none of the island nations operate strong naval control, pirates often plague the relatively unguarded trade routes. Uninhabited islands are often used as bases or stashing places for the pirates who operate in the area.

Following the Island Liberation War, the Island Nations Federation was formed at the initiative of Lino En Kuldes, King of the Kingdom of Obel, uniting many of the islands in this region.


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