Island Liberation War

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"I'd like you to show me the freedom that you see."
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The Island Liberation War (群島解放戦争, Guntō Kaihō Sensō) was a major war fought between several powers, including the various states of the Island Nations region and the Kooluk Empire. The events of the war form the focus of Suikoden IV.


The Island Liberation War began in SY 306 with an increase in Kooluk aggression towards the Island Nations as part of it's Southern Expansion Plan. This war began with the destruction of Iluya Island by a giant Rune Cannon and the swift invasion of the Kingdom of Obel.

The Kooluk's established fleet and military superiority gave the Empire the initial advantage. However, the giant Headquarters Ship which had escaped the Obel occupation as well as it's leader, was able to gather together disparate forces from across the region, forming an alliance that was able to fight back against the Kooluk advance.

This war would eventually come to an end with a final battle at the Kooluk southern base of El-Eal Fortress in SY 307. With Kooluk's naval forces broken and the fortress destroyed, a cease-fire was quickly negotiated, ending the war. In the aftermath, the Island Nations Federation would be established as a political body in the region. The Kooluk Empire would suffer fallout of it's own, with the Imperial Faction weakening greatly in influence for their role in the disastrous war.


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