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Star of Destiny Chii Star
Illustration Fujita Kaori
Gender Female
Race Human
Age 27 (Suikoden V)
Birth Year SY 422
From Scarlet Moon Empire
Voice Nakajima Saki (Suikoden V)

Isabel (イザベル, Izaberu) is a supporting character in Suikoden V. Isabel is a powerful swordswoman fighting evil and following in the footsteps of the Maximillian Knights.


“ Is my armor really all that strange? It's just easy to move in, that's all. ”

Isabel is a self-proclaimed Maximillian Knight, on a mission to purge evil while defending the good and innocent people of the world. Her father had been a Maximillian Knight in his youth and Isabel aspired to live up to this gallant history by joining the knights. Once the knights were disbanded, however, her father merely had his past glories to cling to. Isabel would then leave on a journey, along with her partner Mathias, to extinguish evil.

During the Sun Rune War, she would encounter the Prince of Falena and assessed his nature, being told by Euram Barows that the Prince had betrayed Barows Faction. Once she was informed of what had really happened as well as the threat the Godwin Faction posed to Falena, she would turn on Euram and join the Imperial City Recapture Army. Throughout the war, she and Mathias would fully unleash the spirit of the Maximillian Knights on their foes.

Once the war was over, she and Mathias would travel to the New Armes Kingdom under the invitation of King Jalat to bring the hammer of justice down on those leaders there who had become corrupt or evil.


Isabel is the Spanish form of Elizabeth which in turn is derived from the Hebrew name Elisheba. The name means oath of my God or God is her oath. Many royalties from South-Western Europe share this name and it retains it popularity even in modern times.


Isabel wields a long sword in battle. It upgrades as Hertjoturr (ヘルヴェル Heruvueru), Sigrun (シグルーン Shigurūn), and Brynhildr (ブリュンヒルド Buryunhirudo). All of the names refer to Valkyries from Nors emythology: Hervör alvitralvitr (Hertjoturr is a mistranslation), Sigrún, and Brynhildr. It's worth mentioning that Norse references in weapons in the Suikoden series was mostly limited to spear users and Knights of the Dragon's Den in particular.


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