Imperial City of Graska

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The Imperial City of Graska (皇都グラスカ, Sumeragi-to Gurasuka) is a location in Suikoden Tactics. It is the capital of the Kooluk Empire.


At the time of Kooluk's fall, Emperor Julius reigned from Graska. The conservative nature of the elderly ruler had led to a steady maintaining of the internal power struggle. Instability reigned in the Kooluk Imperial City as the Imperial and Patriarchal Factions vie for political control. As such, the strength of the nation, emanating from Graska, has been steadily decaying for quite some time.

While internal conditions would prove to be the ruination of the empire, outside the palace walls, the city had many shops, selling some of the finest items in all Kooluk. The enormous imperial palace rose from the center of the city, which was protected by the famed Gate of Graska, said to be an impregnable defense for the city.


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