Howling Voice Guild

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The Howling Voice Guild (ほえ猛る声の組合, Hoe Takeru Koe no Kumiai), translated as the Roaring Brotherhood in Suikoden III, is an organization located in the Holy Kingdom of Harmonia. Their agents appears in several titles in the Suikoden series.


The Howling Voice Guild is an organization that holds the knowledge of gunpowder and firearms. These technologies have given the group great military power and power within the Holy Kingdom of Harmonia. Their forces are comprised of gun wielders called gunners, who are divided into several classes from the children to the servants to knights to the guild leader. Gunners of the guild are known for their great combat prowess.

Clive, Elza and Zaj were three notable gunners of the Howling Voice Guild. After the death of Elza, Clive ascended to the position of guild leader.


  • The Howling Voice Guild was translated as the Roaring Brotherhood for Suikoden III but this reverted once more for Suikoden V. Either translation is equally accurate, however.


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