Hortez VII

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Hortez VII
Star of Destiny Chikou Star
Hortez VII.png
Illustration Ishikawa Fumi
Gender Male
Race Human
Age 22 (Suikoden III)
Birth Year SY 454
Height 165cm (5'5") (Suikoden III)

Hortez VII (ホルテスVII世, Horutesu VII Sei), full name Nefentitiri Radames Ampenhetep Iruiktanas Antikoseus Puto Remaios Kureakias Dimetirios Farasmuseian Ishak Saraj Amenenuhet Tatomes Hatshepsut Toto Ank Amen Hortez VI's son, Hortez VII (ネフェンティティリ・ラダメス・アメンヘテプ・イルイクトーナス・アンティコセウス・プトレマイオス・クレアキオス・ディメティリオス・フアロスムセイオン・イスハーク・サッラージュ・アメンエヌヘト・トウトウーメス・ハトシェプスト・トウト・アンク・アメン・ホルテスVI世の息子、ホルテスVII世, Nefentitiri Radamesu Amenhetepu Iruikutōnasu Antikoseusu Putoremaiosu Kureakiosu Dimetiriosu Fuarosumuseion Isuhāku Sarrāju Amen'enuheto Toutoūmesu Hatoshepusuto Touto Anku Amen Horutesu VI Sei no Musuko, Horutesu VII Sei) is a supporting character in Suikoden III. He is a directionally challenged scroll maker who hails from a distant land.


Hortez VII's profile
“ Scroll maker from another land. His pride leaves him unaware of his absolute lack of directional sense.”

Hortez VII is a haughty scroll maker from a very wealthy foreign nation. His speech patterns are those of someone born from royalty or the aristocracy but his arrogant personality is somewhat offset by his natural airheadedness and his cute habit of getting lost easily due to his extreme lack of a sense of direction. This eclectic nature usually dumbfounds people he meets.

During the War of the Champions, Hortez VII came to the Grassland in order to open a scroll making store at Budehuc Castle. However, it took the efforts of the Fire Bringer to bring him there as he ended up in Duck Village, Chisha Village, Caleria and the Duck Village once more before finally being guided to Budehuc Castle by being convinced to take what to most people would be the wrong route.

Hortez VII's country, and Hortez VII himself, are almost immeasurably wealthy, causing him to pity almost everyone for their relative poverty. When he caught Guillaume attempting to steal his antiques, for example, he gave the appraiser some gold out of pity, such was his obvious destitution. His store at Budehuc Castle was a success and he was planning to bring over his three wives from his homeland contingent on that success. However, following the end of the war, he decided to travel to the Holy Kingdom of Harmonia and open a store there. This he did by taking a ship from Vinay del Zexay, a most circuitous route, if nothing else.


Hortez VII has two different ages sourced to him. According to the Gensosuikoden Kiwami Encyclopedia, the Gensosuikoden III 108 Stars Character Guide and the Gensosuikoden III Complete Guide, Hortez VII is 22 years old as of Suikoden III, giving him a birth year of SY 454.

The Marugoto! Gensosuikoden Book, Gensosuikoden III Complete Official Guide and the Gensosuikoden III Complete Strategy Guide on the other hand, give his age as 15, which would make his birth year SY 460. Gensopedia chooses to acknowledge Hortez VII as 22 years old due to it being backed by specific character guides as opposed to more generalised works. His character design and background, including his three wives, could also be considered circumstantial evidence for siding with the older number.


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