Holy Empire of Ionia

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The subject of this article has not yet been localised outside of Japan by Konami. Please remember that these romanisations are non-canon.
The Holy Empire of Ionia (アイオニア聖皇国, Aionia Sei Kōkoku) is a nation in Gensosuikoden Tsumugareshi Hyakunen no Toki. It is the primary setting of the game.


The Holy Empire of Ionia is a military state that was originally established in order to fight off the attacks of the Terrus Firma and protect the land throughout the Centennial Monsters. Although the nation was founded entirely for this express purpose, most of the empire's citizens are unware of the nation's history or the existence of the Terrus Firma itself.

From around the Holy Imperial year 200, cities such as Martilion and Shiyurato had declared independence. The nation is currently ruled (Holy Imperial year 300) by the Holy Emperor Renefarious XIII.

The Empire seeks to unify the continent as a means to combat the Terrus Firma both physically and by bringing nations under the influence of the barrier. This has led to Ionia being regarded as holding a self-righteous streak. They are also not above subterfuge and brute force to enforce their vision: they actively work to hide proof of independent states and old texts reveal that villages have been destroyed because of Ionia's hardline attitude.

Gradually, the Ionian mandate to protect the people from the Terrus Firma was corrupted into a mission to maintain the order of the world, which included the existence of the Terrus Firma itself. Fearful of the possibility of the True Era Tree being activated and thus destroying the creature, this led to work by the House of Wisdom to cultivate the Terrus Firma so as to ensure its continued existence. This plot was only known to a very select few. In the Holy Imperial Year 280, this would lead to an incident where a security breach led the Terrus Firma to attack Martilion. In order to ensure this information would not spread, the city of Martilion was razed to the ground.

Government and Military

Its capital is the Imperial City of Taxis and at the center of the city lies the magnificent Palace of All Things. Four great families help administer the Empire; the Lugam family has traditionally served as Prime Minister, the Zaphir family has traditionally led the Imperial guards, the Liuis family have produced many prominent archers, while the Lances house has been a prestigious house of nobility in the Empire.

The Ionian army is divided into four units, known as "branch companies". The first branch, led by Damdin commands the impressive Floating Fortress. The second branch protects the area southwest of the capital and is led by Quinleah Liuis. The third branch, in charge of the north, is commanded by Dilom Lances. The fourth branch protects the east but its exact composition is unknown.

The government itself is supported by a group known as the Anchor Root, under the command of the Lugam Prime Minister. This bureaucracy is supported covertly by secret intelligence agents known as grubs.


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