Hiram Barows

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Hiram Barows
Unknown Male.png
Gender Male
Race Human
Family Alison Barows (mother)
Euram Barows (brother)
Luserina Barows (sister)
Salum Barows (father)
One unnamed sibling

Hiram Barows (ヒラム・バロウズ, Hiramu Barōzu) is a background mentioned character in Suikoden V. Hiram was the eldest son and heir of Salum Barows.


Hiram was born the eldest son of Alison and Salum Barows and was the elder brother of Luserina and Euram.

He would be killed by Nether Gate in the Royal Family Succession Conflict. His death would greatly impact his mother, driving her to become a recluse.


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