Hatred Fortress

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Hatred Fortress (ヘイトリッド城塞, Heitoriddo Jōsai) is a location seen in Suikoden V. It is a large dam built in the Queendom of Falena.


Hatred Fortress is a citadel and dam constructed on the branch of the Feitas River that runs through Lordlake, designed to stop the flow of water to the town.

Its construction was ordered by Marscal Godwin in SY 447, following the Lordlake Uprising in order to further punish the town. The dam itself was built with forced labour by the beavers of Beaver Lodge. Hatred Fortress was what truly stopped Lordlake's recovery in its tracks and left the area parched and desolated.

In the early stages of the Sun Rune War, the dam would be destroyed thanks to the efforts of the Imperial City Recapture Army. The attack was conducted in three steps. First, the Rebel Army conducted an attack on the Fortress. Second, a small ship loaded with burning oil was sent crashing into the Fortress,setting it on fire. As the garnison consisted mostly of freshly recruited, unexperienced soldiers, the Fortress has been consequently evacuated. These steps, proposed by Lucretia Merces, were needed to reduce the casualties in the process to a minimum. Last, a huge wave destroyed the fortress, ultimately restoring the flow of water to Lordlake and allowing it to at last begin its recovery. Following the destruction of the Hatred Fortress, Lordlake joined the Imperial City Recapture Army.


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