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Star of Destiny Tenshou Star
Illustration Fujita Kaori
Gender Female
Race Human
Age 38 (Suikoden V)
Birth Year SY 411
From Sol-Falena, Queendom of Falena
Family Arshtat Falenas (cousin)
Falzrahm (aunt)
Hero (Suikoden V) (nephew)
Lymsleia Falenas (niece)
Mardas (father)
Olhazeta (grandmother)
Shahrewar (mother)
Sialeeds (cousin)
Voice Sasaki Yōko (Suikoden V)

Haswar (ハスワール, Hasuwāru) is a supporting character in Suikoden V. Haswar is the maternal Oracle of Lunas and the aunt of the game's main character.


Haswar is the daughter of Shahrewar. She would have been Crown Princess of Falena if Falzrahm had not seized the right to the throne from her sister, Haswar's mother. Following the Royal Family Succession Conflict, both her mother and father, Mardas were dead at the hands of Nether Gate. Once Arshtat became queen, a pact was made where Haswar and her cousin Sialeeds would give up their right of succession and never marry to avoid a repeat of the conflict.

Subsequently, Haswar was appointed as the Oracle of Lunas. Having viewed the violence and pain caused by the succession struggle between her mother and aunt, Haswar harboured no desire to take the throne. Although she swore never to bear children, she maintained a strong maternal instinct, expressed by her great love for her niece and Prince and her kindness to all children.

In SY 449, as per her duties, Haswar guided Lymsleia through the rituals required prior to her scheduled engagement to Gizel Godwin. Following the assassination of Arshtat and the outbreak of the Sun Rune War, Haswar sheltered the Prince, Sialeeds, and their companions, helping them to escape through Lunas to Barows territory. Shortly after helping the Prince, Haswar was ordered to Sol-Falena to assist Lymsleia in preparation for her coronation and to act as an advisor on royal customs.

Following Lymselia's marriage, Haswar returned to Lunas and joined the Imperial City Recapture Army as it continued to make progress towards the capital. After the liberation of Sol-Falena by the Loyalist Army, it was Haswar's knowledge of the legends regarding Lunas allowed the Prince and his party to travel to the Founder's Site and the Ashtwal Mountains to retrieve the Sun Rune which had been stolen by Marscal Godwin.

As the war came to a close, Haswar became worried that her family line would die out as only Lymsleia and herself were the only female royals remaining. After the war, Haswar quickly announced that she was getting married but to who is presently unknown.


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