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Illustration Kawano Junko
Gender Male
Race Human
Age 37 (Suikoden)
40 (Suikoden II)
Birth Year SY 421
From Rokkaku

Hanzo (ハンゾウ, Hanzou) is a supporting character in Suikoden and Suikoden II. Hanzo is the leader of the ninjas of Rokkaku.



“ My name is Hanzo, leader of the ninjas of Rokkaku. ”

Hanzo is the leader of the ninjas of the hamlet of Rokkaku. During the Gate Rune War, Rokkaku was attacked by and fell to Teo McDohl's Armored Cavalry, bringing it under the control of the Scarlet Moon Empire[1]. Hanzo helped Kasumi escape the carnage, and ordered her to tell the Toran Liberation Army of what had happened[2].

Following the last battle, Hanzo appeared before Hero (Suikoden), introducing himself and admitting he and the other Rokkaku ninjas had hid within the fields until he had chosen to reveal himself[3]. Kasumi was surprised at Hanzo's survival[4], and Hanzo apologized to her for having to keep it a secret[5].

Following the Toran Liberation War, Hanzo welcomed Kasumi back to Rokkaku[6].


  • Hanzo is named after the famed Sengoku era ninja, Hattori Hanzō. He was the head of a clan from Iga, and served Tokugawa Iyeasu loyally. Hattori Hanzo is also commonly depicted in manga and other forms of fiction.


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