Guard Robe

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Guard Robe
Artwork from Suikoden


First game


The Guard Robe (ガードローブ, Gādorōbu) is a type of equipment available in Suikoden.

The Guard Robe is a good early-game armour, especially for potential magicians in your party due to the large boost it gives to the MGC stat.


This cloak has been subjected to a strong defensive magic. It also has the ability to boost the wearer's magic power. As such, the Guard Robe is a common garment of magicians everywhere.


Guard Robe (ガードローブ, Gādorōbu)

Effect DEF +7, MGC +15
Type Light armour
Cost 1700 Potch
Drops Kobold (mage)
Equipped Hellion, Kamandol, Liukan, Lotte, Luc (permanently equipped), Meg (permanently equipped), Milich, Quincy, Tengaar
Found Dwarf Trail (chest)
Sold Kaku


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