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Star of Destiny Chiki Star
Illustration Kawano Junko
Gender Male
Race Human
Age 24 (Suikoden)
27 (Suikoden II)
Birth Year SY 434

Grenseal (グレンシール, Gurenshīru) is a supporting character in Suikoden who makes a cameo in Suikoden II. During the Gate Rune War, Grenseal is a member of Teo McDohl's Armored Cavalry, along with his colleague Alen.


“ I sacrifice this life to the Empire and to Master Teo. ”

Grenseal served as both an officer in the Imperial Army as well as a subordinate of Teo McDohl. His skill with a sword and prowess with the Thunder Rune earned him the nickname "Lightning General." He had a cool personality, remaining perpetually calm and had a good-natured rivalry with his fellow subordinate, Alen. Grenseal's loyalty was to Teo, rather than to the Empire itself.

During the Gate Rune War, Grenseal accompanied Teo during his campaign against the Toran Liberation Army. Grenseal was present at the first battle between the Armored Cavalry and the Toran Liberation Army, and, following the latter's withdraw, Grenseal was ordered to follow and crush them. After losing a duel to Pahn, an officer of the Toran Liberation Army, Teo changed his orders, telling Grenseal and Alen to withdraw. Though Alen was hesitant to do so, Grenseal did not hesitate to follow Teo's orders.

After witnessing the devastation the Fire Spear inflicted to the Armored Cavalry, Grenseal fought onwards with Teo and Alen, pledging that, if need be, he would sacrifice his life to the Scarlet Moon Empire and Teo McDohl. This proved unnecessary, however, as Teo McDohl challenged his son to a duel. Witnessing the duel between father and son, Grenseal rushed to Teo's aid following Teo's defeat.

When Teo told Grenseal that he had a request, Grenseal immediately asked to hear it. Teo claimed that he fought for Emperor Barbarosa out of sheer stubbornness, and asked that Grenseal and Alen not to so purely to follow Teo's whims. Teo then revealed that he wished for Alen and Grenseal to join the Toran Liberation Army and aid his son, which, like Alen, Grenseal agreed to do.

Grenseal served the Toran Liberation Army throughout the remainder of the war, serving in Humphrey's unit along with Alen. Following the end of the Toran Liberation War, Grenseal continued to work with Alen, as both were appointed Co-Commanders of the Republican Guard.

Game info

Grenseal (portrait).png Recruit Recruited automatically following the Second Battle with Teo.
Info Level Gender Range W Type W Level Element Rune
29 Male S 1H sword 7 Lightning Thunder Lock.png
Weapon Level 1 Flashing Sword Equipment Head Helmets
Level 7 Lightning Sword Body Light armour
Level 13 True Lightning Sword Other Male
War Name Type Soldiers Lead ATK Sub ATK
Humphrey's Team Charge 150 13 4
Starting Equipment Head -- Other --

Body Leather Armor
Shield Steel Shield
Unites Pretty Boy Attack Alen, Flik


  • Alen and Grenseal have the exact same endings, to the very word, in the English language releases, but the Japanese release gives them two distinct - if similar - endings.
  • Grenseal is the only character in Suikoden to come equipped with a Thunder Rune.


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