Gregminster Palace

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Gregminster Palace グレッグミンスターの城
Guregguminsutā no Shiro
Gregminster Palace.png
Map description
Gregminster location.png
Location of Gregminster Palace in Toran.
Gregminster Palace (グレッグミンスターの城 Guregguminsutā no Shiro, Gregminster Castle) is a location in Suikoden. It is the home of the Emperor of the Scarlet Moon Empire.


Gregminster Palace towers over the city of Gregminster. As the palace of the Emperor of the Scarlet Moon Empire, it existed as a symbol of Imperial authority.

Outside the palace itself is a barn while inside is a selection of offices, including that of the Imperial Guard. The Imperial throne room lies on the first floor.

Located on top of the palace is the Floating Garden which contains many rare plants. Here was where the final battle of the Gate Rune War took place. Following the defeat of Barbarosa Rugner the palace began to shake, forcing a rushed evacuation by the Toran Liberation Army officers within but the palace apparently remained intact.


Enemy Units
Name Lv HP Bits Drop
Colossus 59 800 15000 Power Ring 1.7%
Mother Earth Crystal 0.78%
Ekidonna 60 1000 20000 Windspun Armor 1.04%
Imperial Guards (Male).png
Imperial Guards 56 550 4500 Mega Medicine 1.96%
Imperial Guards (Female).png
Imperial Guards 56 500 5000 N/A
Phantom 58 550 6500 Earth Boots 1.57%
Golden Hydra (Left).png
Left Head 75 10000 200000 N/A
Golden Hydra (Left).png
Middle Head 75 10000 0 N/A
Golden Hydra (Left).png
Right Head 75 10000 0 N/A
Name Class Lv # Inventory


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