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The Five Great Generals (帝国五将軍, Teikoku Go Shōgun, Five Imperial Generals) are a military rank present in both the Scarlet Moon Empire and the Toran Republic. It is only given to a handful of officers at one time.

During the War of Succession, six Great Generals served under Barbarosa Rugner; Teo McDohl, Kasim Hazil, Georg Prime, Milich Oppenheimer, Kilauea Shulen and Kwanda Rosman. Immediately following the war, Georg Prime would leave the country, vacating his spot while Kilauea Shulen would pass away several years later, being succeeded by her daughter Sonya.

As such the six Great Generals became the five Great Generals most known for their actions during the Gate Rune War. Four of the five generals, recognizing the continued deterioration of the Empire and the collapse of Barbarosa's reign eventually defected to the Toran Liberation Army while the fifth, Teo McDohl, gave his blessing to his son before his death.

Following the formation of the Toran Republic, the Great Generals were again reorganised. While Milich Oppenheimer retired from his position, the other three surviving generals; Kasim Hazil, Sonya Shulen and Kwanda Rosman, retained their posts. The three were supplemented by three Liberation Army officers; Kai, Camille and Valeria.


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