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Illustration Ishikawa Fumi
Gender Male
Race Human
Age 53 (Suikoden II)
Birth Year SY 409
From South Window City, Dunan Republic

Granmeyer (グランマイヤー, Guranmaiyā) is a supporting character in Suikoden II. Granmeyer was the peace-minded mayor of South Window City at the beginning of the Dunan Unification War.


“ War isn't a gambling game....... ”

Granmeyer was known as a moderator Mayor of South Window City, well loved by the people of the city. The most recent cease-fire agreement between the City-State of Jowston and the Highland Kingdom prior to the outbreak of the Dunan Unification War had been largely due to his efforts. However, once war between the two nations broke out in 460, his sincere commitment to peace would backfire.

When the Highland Army suddenly invaded South Window Principality following the fall of Muse City, Granmeyer had surrendered to Solon Jhee without resistance. His reward for his efforts to avert violence would be his immediate beheading. The following morning, his head would be displayed on South Window's castle wall for all to see. Later, some would criticise Granmeyer's surrender for indicating that he lacked the sense of responsibility needed for a Mayor to take charge of the lives of his citizens but it is certain that he surrendered to protect the peaceful lives of the citizens he served.


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