Golden Bird Holy Flower Dragon Tooth Glory Punch

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The Golden Bird Holy Flower Dragon Tooth Glory Punch (花鳥風月百花織乱竜虎万歳拳, Kachōfūgetsu Hyakkaryouran Ryūko Banzai Ken, Beauty of Nature Hundred Flowers Blooming Dragon Tiger Banzai Fist) is an unseen technique Nanami professes to have in Suikoden II.


The mere declaration of this attack had Highland soldiers fleeing.
While breaking out of prison in Kyaro Town, Nanami was confronted by two Highland guards. Desperate to rescue her brother and Jowy, she prepared to use this technique. The name alone was enough to scare away her adversaries, meaning that the technique was never seen.

Nanami claimed that the attack was taught to her by Genkaku[1] but the truth of this cannot be verified. Jowy, at least, seemed perplexed by it[2] and Nanami reacted with embarrassment when questioned on it[3].


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